Andy Cooke Interview

So for our first interview, we have got ex town player and legend Andy Cooke. 


Since Cooke left us,he has not been involved in football much at all until he signed up for Market Drayton last year. He is now director of football as well a player. 

The Interview

Quickfire Football Related Questions

 Best manager you’ve ever played for?  

Had many managers but  Im going to go for Stan Ternent 

Best ever player you played with?
Has to be Ian Wright pure quality
Best ever player you played against? 
Steve McManaman once went passed me as if I wasnt even there!
Best ground you played at?
Wembley and Millennium Stadium
Worst ground you played at?
There was a few before reconstruction or new grounds .., Chesterfield, Barnet, Dagenham were all shocking!

Best goal you ever scored?

Overhead kick for Burnley at Turf Moor, 30 yrd shot for Stoke at The bittania
Salop Related Questions


@SalopSupporters: What was your best memory of your time at salop?

I loved every moment at Town but the MK Dons night (Play Off semi final) will take some beating
And on the other hand what was the worst memory you have being at town?
Losing the playoff final and being asked to leave by Paul Simpson

@STFC_1988: What are your realistic hopes for Market Drayton and Salop this season and in 5 years time? 

Tough leagues for both this year but as always you have to strive to achieve the best in everything that you do so with a lot of hard work I expect MDTFC and the Shrews to do well not just this year but in the future.
Do you watch Shrewsbury? 
Whenever I get chance I still go to watch.

What was Gary Peters really like to play for? 
I liked Gary, ok he had his critics but he got everybody organised and i still believe if we hadnt of lost key players after the MK game ie Ben Davies injury, Scott Shearer Bristol cup tied him, Luke jones injury in the warm up.
During the 2006/2007 season, at what point did you all start to believe we’d reach the play offs? 
To be honest i thought we had enough to go straight up but a few inconsistant performances cost us that year.

@shrewsTRUST2010: Do you like Clippy or Loggerheads?

Wouldnt want to upset either so neither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@CallumGraybrook: Club did you most enjoy being at?

Ive got a lot of love for Burnley as I spent so many years there but also Shrews was always on my list of teams to play for so Im so glad that I achieved that dream.
And finally what would you have done if you weren’t a footballer. good question I did used to work for Minshall Construction as a boy so probably an Agricultural engineer!!

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