Open Day

So yesterday the new away kit was released during Salops Annual Open Day.

The club say thousands turned up in what was a very successful day which included;

  • Stands organised by Supporters Groups
  • Training session on the pitch
  • Release of the new Away kit
  • Inflatable shoot-out

Players signing session

Players warming up during their training session on open day

Most fans enjoyed the day with fans being allowed to roam around the ground from stand to stand.

@Shrewsburytownf: It was a great day today at the annual open day it looked like both the fans and the players enjoyed the day #SALOP

The players training session and it caught a lot of people by surprise as it came across as a full blown training session. And they also spent 90 minutes to sign autographs which was very impressive and it seems like the players were very impressed with the turnout:

Matt Richards @Richo03: Nice to see all the fans at the stadium today, thanks for coming everyone. #Salop

Luke Summerfield @LukeSummers25: Don’t think I’ve said “you alright?” So many times in an hour an half! Good support from the long line of fans today! #salop

Michael Hector@Big_Hec35: Good day at Shrewsbury to meet loads of fans at the open day must have signed over a thousand autographs needs abit fine tuning though LOL

So again the fans have shown the players yet again how good we are and lets hope we can continue to prove how good we are throughout the season.

Did you go to the open day?

Have you got any pictures?

We would love to hear from you so get in touch the usual ways

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