Salop v Saddlers Build Up


So the eagerly anticipated derby match is nearly upon us and already the police have made it very clear they will not take any chance when it comes to dealing with the possibility of hooliganism.

The main police officer who is running the operation, Chief Inspector Dave McWilliam, told the Shropshire Star;

“There will be a high profile police presence aimed at assisting the club to steward fans in and around the stadium.”

Remember as a supporter you are representing Shrewsbury Town Football Club and we want the club and fans to have a good name.

The police will be looking out for any known hooligans and will want to react swiftly to any incident that might occur throughout the day. The best place to go for a home supporter is the Power League as you know there won’t be any away fans in there due to their rules.

We will be doing another entry on which pub is the best to have a pre match drink in now the Brooklands is shut.

If you have anything you would like to tell us your favourite pre match pub then get in touch the usual way

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