Keith’s Season So Far

Keith Barrow, who took part in our Season Preview has kindly agreed to talk to us about the season so far.

With Salop only winning 3 games out of 12, many would be worrying about the direction the club are heading, but not Keith. Here is what he has to say

“I think 15th is a fair reflection of our season so far. Not the worst team in the league but a long way from being one of the best. I still think we will stay up thanks to our defense and keeper, but if we don’t start scoring more I may have to rethink that”
We thought it would be interesting to see what teams have surprised Keith so far this season and the 2 teams that have surprised him are the 2 teams that are surprising everyone
“Walsall have surprised me this season by not being awful, and Stevenage have continued to surprise by their desire to get to the Championship with only Conference attendances.”
Last time Keith took part in our ‘Fans View’ he said that Matt Richards was going to be the man who will stand out this year. When we asked if he has done exactly that, Keith was unsure.
“Matt Richards is a funny one for me, he’s obviously a natural leader but he’s struggling to do it from left back. He can’t influence a game from there, which means that we are relying on other players to fill the void.”
 “Stevenage have continued to surprise by their desire to get to the Championship with only Conference attendances”
Keith then went on to talk about the highlights of the season so far;
“The best game for me so far was beating Preston, great atmosphere and a good result against a team we should struggle to beat”
“The worst was probably Scunthorpe at home, we were absolutely awful and I think we were pretty lucky to get nil.”
“My player of the season so far is Weale by a mile. Absolutely quality signing and the best keeper we’ve had since Mr Hart left.”
Keith was then asked to sum the season so far up in 3 words and his reaction was “Not enough goals”
“Over the next twelve games I expect to see some backs-to-the-wall defending, very few goals, and the occasion victory to keep us above the danger zone. I think it’s obvious that we need another striker. All the clean sheets in the world mean little if you’re not scoring at the other end.”
To finish off we asked Keith to predict where he believes town will finish
“Without the goals I think we’re going to be looking at survival this year, but I think we’re good enough to do it. I think we’ll finish 18th.”
We would like to thank Keith for his continued contribution to both the blog and the twitter page.
Remember if you have any comments or questions, fire them our way. You can find us on Twitter by searching for,

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