Free Travel To Gillingham? (The Least We Deserve)

What a poor poor season. Town are all but relegated and we still have 2 games left including a excruciating trip down to Gillingham!

As fans this season we have been through a lot with very little reward from the club. Tuesday night trips to Bristol, Carlisle and Colchester were still well represented by Salop fans. With number well over 100 for the long trips to Carlisle and Colchester you cannot fault the loyalty of Salopians. Even for the Preston game when most Salop fans were still seething after the Good Friday performance more than 300 fans travelled to see the 5-2 defeat.

Surely the club has to look at rewarding the fans for Shrewsburys’ last game of the season. So we ask you – the fans, to vote and lets put some pressure on Shrewsbury Town FC to take some action.

All thats’ left to say is “WE ARE GOING DOWN”


4 thoughts on “Free Travel To Gillingham? (The Least We Deserve)”

  1. you can surely not ask the club to pay for free travel for the gills game just think if you put that offer out how much the club would have to pay out in coach fairs it simply would just cost far to much. and even if the club did decied to pay that money could be used for much better things around the club and people would still complain

  2. Thank you for your comment – but the club should feel the need to pay the fans back for supporting the team with decent numbers home and away all season despite the team underperforming! If the fans see the club are rewarding them for their support then the supporters will come back!

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