This is better than last season, isn’t it?

Well here we are, back in League 2.

Last season was such a dismal failure that the hangover of relegation was gone almost before it began, being replaced with the optimism of signing of players we’d heard of. Of player who had played at higher levels. Of player who knew how to score goals!

The mood around the club right now is visibly buoyant. I can’t ever remember a time there was so much singing AFTER the final whistle as there was on Tuesday night against Accrington. It’s good to be able to say that The Greenhous Meadow is once again a good place to be on a Saturday afternoon.

So, four games into the season with 7 points on the board and a cheeky second round league cup tie at Leicester to look forward to, what have we learned so far this season?

1. League 2 keepers are rubbish. (Not you Jayson, obviously). So far this season every league game at The Meadow has resulted in the opposition goalkeeper trying to gift us a goal or a man advantage (or in Accrington’s case, both). Long may it last!

2. League 2 refs are worse than League 2 keepers. Ashley Vincent produced a brilliant piece of skill against Accrington to set us up in a 3 on 3 break. What did the ref do? Call play back for a leg injury. A leg is not a head, I checked. I don’t even want to mention the ref in the Tranmere game who told their player to stop messing about after he swung a kick at Goldson.

3. Luton are back in League 2. No, seriously they are. I know you’d assume the media would have covered this momentous occasion, but I’ve seen absolutely nothing so far. Not a single mention of their 30 point deduction or anything, most unusual…

4. Finally, and most importantly, we’ve learned that we have a squad that excites. A squad that can keep possession for over 2 minutes at a time and look comfortable doing it. A squad that has four strikers who have all found the back of the net already. A squad full of creativity and team work…. sorry, got a bit carried away then. Let’s just say it’s nice to have a team worth watching again.

So what about the coming weeks? Now is the time  the truly devoted Salopians step up with trips to Northampton, Leicester, Preston, Hartlepool, and Stevenage all coming up. After all that we’ll have a much better idea of just how good this squad is. 

As for me, I’m waiting for the arrival of Luton and their idiotic fanbase. Did you know they once had 30 points taken off them…?

Keith the Shrew


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