Away Day Blues – A Stat Attack

“I want to go home, I want to go hooooooooooome, We can score goals and win there, I want to go home”

Don;t worry, I’m not going to overreact to our recent run of away form.. Yes, we’re 4 away league games into the season and have a grand total of 2 points for our efforts, but it’s not a crisis… and as long as we put it right now, it won’t become one either.

Cards on the table – I haven’t been to an away game this season, so am relying on reports from those committed fans that have made the trips (plus the view of Radio Shropshire’s finest) to form a view of what the problem is.

So, where’s it all gone wrong  not going as well as it should be? Let’s look at the stats:

In the league we’ve conceded 6 goals away from home. 1.25 goals per game is nothing to be sniffed at, in fact that’s pretty miserly. Obviously the lack of a clean sheet is an area we can aim to improve on, but Captain Connor and the rest of the back five are doing a pretty good job so far.

This leaves the other end of the pitch, the end where all the excitement’s being generated, the end of the pitch that’s already created 8 goals in 3 home league games (that’s 2.7 goals per game, stat fans). What’s different away from Fortress Meadow? As I’m throwing numbers around, let’s throw in some more:

At home we score a goal for every 5 shots we have, which is a pretty decent ratio if you ask me, but as soon as we go away from home that stat drops to one goal for every 15 shots… and we don’t average 15 shots a game.

This drop is not because the opposition keepers are on inspired form, it’s because we’re simply not hitting the target (67% miss rate, in case you were wondering). We’re having 50% more shots that our opponents, but getting the same number as them on target. Gives a better view of why we’re struggling outside Salopian boundaries doesn’t it?

What I don’t know is the reason for this. Is it an over-eagerness to score, a sign of the pressure to get a result, or just a random thing that can’t be explained? No idea. What I do know is that we need to improve, because teams that get out of this league win points home and away.

In the meantime, a run of three home games should hopefully help us to get back on track. Anybody booked a room at Travel Lodge Wembley yet…?

Keith the Shrew


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