Zero Tolerance v Newport

West Mercia police have released a statement ahead of Saturdays’ clash against Newport County. In what seems to be a strange statement Chief Inspector Melanie Crowther says:

“Our aim is to ensure that the large gathering of supporters from both home and away can visit the New Meadow to watch the game safely without disturbance.

“We will have sufficient police officers available to manage the crowd and the influx of traffic as well as to deal firmly with anyone causing any kind of disorder. There will be a significant police presence inside the ground as well as on the approaches and around the town itself.

“We want to reassure the public that the majority of fans are there to enjoy the game peacefully however we will not hesitate to arrest and charge anyone who does commit a public order offence.”

“We are urging supporters to arrive in good time.  It is an all-ticket fixture for Newport County fans and there is no point anyone travelling without a ticket as they will not be sold to away supporters on match day.

This has come as a bit of a shock to most but there must be some reasoning behind it. We are imagining that this is one of the most local games and with it being Newports’ first visit to Greenhous Meadow, the police must be expecting a large turnout from Newport and we can only imagine they will be bringing a large amount of trouble makers.

We urge all Salop fans to behave themselves and make as much noise as possible inside the ground and help the team continue the 100% home record. Remember this is a massive season and we all know the team perform better with a big atmosphere (Leicester away is as good a example as any) so get yourself to the Meadow on Saturday and make some noise.



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