Now the Dust has Settled

So, were you there last night? I don’t mean ‘there’ as in sat in your seat taking photos of Chelsea players, I mean ‘there’ as in you woke up this morning hoarse from the singing and with sore hands from the clapping and general festivities that marked one of the best atmospheres and wildest celebrations that the Greenhous Meadow has seen (right up there with beating Southend with 10 men in Collo’s first stint with the Shrews).

So now that the voices are returning and the hangover’s are fading, what can we take from last night?

1. The Meadow sounds great full. Fair play to the singing blocks, you dragged the rest of the ground into creating a wall of noise that must have sounded amazing from the pitch. That’s what being the 12th man is all about.

2. Ryan Woods (Ryan Woods, Ryan Ryan Woods) will go on to bigger and better things sooner rather than later. Whether it was out-muscling Drogba, driving forward with Oscar eating his dust, or chasing back 60 yards to stop Saleh getting a shot in on goal, Woodsy put in one of the best MOTM performances most people at the ground will have ever seen.

3. Wez is a real team player. Think about it, you’re warming up to play in the biggest game of your life when you get a twinge. How many of you would actually ignore it in the hope it goes away? I know I would… To be honest enough to say he couldn’t do a job for us and allow us to bring Lawrence in before kick-off is the sign of a true pro.

4. We have one hell of a team this season. When was the last time you looked at our squad and saw so little weakness? Not one player looked out of place out there last night (apart from maybe Jon Obi-Mikkel, but that’s not our problem), and some of them have upped their value immensely. Now we need to show the rest of League Two how good we are for the rest of the season. A team this good doesn’t belong down here.

5. Chelsea really do only sing when they’re winning, I assume none of them had been to a game before, so didn’t know any of the songs?

So that’s our cup run over, with memories left that will be talked about in pubs all over Salop for many years to come. Now we as a club need to make sure this isn’t the end of exciting football and great results, and I know Dagenham , Exeter, and Mansfield don’t create the same desire to take the day off work and pub crawl your way to the match (you know who you are) but let’s keep supporting, keep singing, and keep believing that the Shrews are going up! You never know, we may have attracted a few new fans along for the ride…

Keith the Shrew

PS    Walsall away? Really??? For f*cks sake…


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