We have a a couple of dedicated authors for our blog, so why dont you meet them:
NAME Alex Lewis
AGE 20
DOB 03/10/1993
REASON I FOLLOW TOWN After seeing my first game over 12 years ago, I fell in love with everything to do with Shrewsbury Town. The Riverside had grabbed me and I couldn’t resist going again. My favourite player at the time Luke Rodgers had signed my new top that my mum bought me and like a rash my love for Salop had spread.
BEST MEMORY It has to be the feeling of relief when both Trevor Challis (2004 Conference Play-off final) and James Collins (2011/12 promotion to league 1) scored the deciding goals that meant town were promoted. It is a very addictive feeling and like most Town fans, I want more.
WORST MEMORY I don’t know which one was worse, relegation or being beaten by Gillingham in the League 2 play off final. Both left me mentally exhausted and it is something I don’t want to go through again.
FAVOURITE PLAYER Jermaine Grandison
SEAT Block 19


Alex with his favourite player Jermaine Grandison

NAME: Jamie Fletcher
AGE: 15
DOB: 08/11/1998
REASON I FOLLOW TOWN: Born in the town, my first game of football was at the Gay Meadow, and wanted to see every Town game afterwards!
BEST MEMORY: Watching James Collins rifle a header into the bottom corner of the away stand net, versus Dagenham, to seal the win and promotion.
WORST MEMORY: Standing on the riverside when Town were relegated from League 2 to the Conference in the 2002/03 season.
FAVOURITE PLAYER Jermaine Grandison
Block 13
TWITTER NAME @Salopian_Fletch


Fletch sits in block 13


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