#SingYourHeartsOut Update

We have let you have your say in response to our #SingYourHeartsOutCampaign and the response has been incredible with the majority backing the campaign so before we continue we must thank you all for getting behind our vision.

Many people have suggested bringing the drum back which is a possibility but unfortunately Alex who is the one who owns the drum has declared that it is broke and hasn’t been able to replace it due to finances!

So we turn to you, our fellow Salopians to help with donations to fund for a brand new drum. We have contacted Salop Music and are pricing up a brand new drum to use at all Salop games and hopefully if things go well we will have the new drum at the Dagenham game.

As well as that we are looking at different ideas for the 3 other home games which we have left in the season and we will have something to announce in the next 48 hours in regards to the Exeter game. Also we are drawing up a few ideas for the Plymouth game which will hopefully be a complete sell out in anticipation for the promotion party (Championship party even). Obviously everything we do will be put to the club first and we will be looking for co-operation from all parties involved to make sure we don’t upset everyone.

As always we are still looking for your ideas as to what you think we could do to improve the atmosphere at Greenhous Meadow. You can send all ideas to salopsbluearmy@gmail.com or tweet us @SalopsBlueArmy and we will take all ideas in to account.

As said before we do thank everyone for all your support so far and we hope to make #SingYourHeartsOut campaign a successful one and make Greenhous Meadow a noisy, hostile stadium.



Get Behind Them

The thing about writing a football blog is that when everything is going well for your team there’s absolutely nothing to write about… so there’s some positives to be taken from the past three home games – I finally have something to write about again!

There’s been a lot of comment coming out the club over the past few days about the importance of the fans in the final few games of the season, which in turn has sparked the #SingYourHeartsOut campaign, that you will hopefully be seeing a lot of over the next few weeks. So how have we got into this position?

The simplest answer is, Salopians love to moan (and I am as big a culprit as anybody when it comes to this). We’re 2nd in the league, have the best goal difference in the league, almost took Chelsea to penalties in the cup, and stand a great chance of automatic promotion. Put a dead ball straight out of play twice in a half, however, and all that is soon forgotten…

It would be foolish to say that this is the sole cause of the decline in atmosphere though. Part of it has to be put down to the nervousness that the players are obviously starting to feel as the chasing pack aren’t letting up, and this is transferring into frustration in the crowd. We know how well this team can play, so when they start making unforced errors a lot of fans react in a natural (but pretty unhelpful) way.

This hasn’t been helped by the fact that teams have actually found us out at home. It’s Northampton’s fault really, they had the audacity to pressure and press us all over the pitch and force mistakes. Cambridge and Oxford obviously did their homework (or university equivalent) because they came to The Meadow and did exactly the same. This in turn got the crowd on the players backs, which made them look even more nervous and so on and so forth.

So what’s the answer then? Well the simplest answer is get behind the lads and #SingYourHeartsOut. Put down your phones, your pies, your sweets and drinks and clap your hands, stamp your feet, sing a song. Whoever came up with the phrase “the silent majority” had obviously seen a Salop home game this season.

The only time the crowd got an atmosphere going from kick-off this season (Chelsea excluded as we had a few extra followers in that day) was against Stevenage, and that was mostly down to that absolute moron they call a manager. Imagine how much more confidence we could generate on the pitch if the fans actually got behind them from teh first whistle!

Now obviously there’s the argument that the play on the pitch needs to be good enough to get the fans going, and I can see that point of view. But answer me this simple question, if there was something you could do to improve your teams chances of winning a game… WHY WOULDN’T YOU DO IT?

But then again, that would leave us Salopians with nothing to moan about, and we do like a moan…


Keith the Shrew


We are now into the most important time of the season and its blatant to see supporters are still not backing the team at Greenhous Meadow and we are taking it upon ourselves to get this changed!

Depsite a fantastic season with Mickey Mellon masterminding what seems to be a swift return to League One, the crowds are still down and the atmosphere at Greenhous Meadow is woeful and we and many are questioning what could be done to change this.

This campaign is going to be a permanent feature for us until we believe the Meadow is a noisy and hostile stadium. Hopefully with the backing of all Supporter Groups, the club and local press we could make this campaign a success and get the meadow “rocking”

Thinking caps are officially glued to several members of SBA and from now until the next home game we will be posting some ideas up on here so keep your eyes glue and if you have any ideas to help us with this campaign then feel free to send them in either on Twitter @SalopsBlueArmy or email us at salopsbluearmy@gmail.com and we will respond to every email.

All thats left to say for now is #SingYourHearsOut

#Salop #MMBA

Reports from far away… and Tamworth

The problem with writing a blog when your team is playing well is that it leaves you very little to write about, so I’ve had to get a bit inventive. Not too inventive, but inventive enough to come up with the idea of providing an update on our players that have been out on loan over the past few months.

The beauty of this idea is a) it gives you all an update on players that may have dropped off your radar a bit, and b) I can get other people to write portions of it for me.:

Dave McAllister

“For my money, he’s been the pick of a number of loanees we’ve had in this season. We’ve had an inconsistent season so far but since coming into the team Dave has been everything we’d been missing in central midfield. Strong, commanding, tough tackling and determined.

His partnership with Dean Parrott has been a revelation and our recent upturn in form is in large part down to their performances. Please can we keep him?”

Mark Hollis – Stevenage Supporters Association

As Dave is now back at Shrewsbury it started to look like Mark wasn’t going to get his wish, but the re-signing of Bobby Grant for the rest of the season plus the positive impact that has been made with Stevenage makes me wonder if there is the chance of a deal being done in the current transfer window.

If not, it’s good to know that he’s still capable of making an impact at this level should we need him.

Callum Burton

“Callum had a very difficult debut behind one of the worst defences in the league with weather conditions that deteriorated as the game progressed. He could have done better with the first goal, but the Telford striker hit the ball firmly and across him into the net. There was also a question mark regarding the third goal, but by then conditions were very tricky. It was a good sign for the lad’s future that he put that game behind him and gave a man of the match performance against Altrincham, pulling off several fine saves and setting up Boro for their first away win of the season.”

John Hobson – Nuneaton Supporters Club

Since this update from John, Callum played a third game for Nuneaton and pretty much single-handedly gained them a point in a 0-0 draw with our near-neighbours up the M54, gaining him a second man-of-the-match award.

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to any fan of the club that Callum gained a lot of praise during his short emergency loan spell, and it’s good to see him continue to get senior games under his belt at higher and higher levels. As soon as he starts referring to himself in the third person he’ll be ready for first team (only joking Jason).

Dom Smith

“In the eleven league games he’s played, our record is won 7 drawn 3 lost 1. I’m aware he’s not the sole reason for this but he’s a seriously good defender and long term he’ll play higher than this division. The longer we can keep him the better in my opinion.”

Pricey2 – Tamworthfans Forum

(I didn’t receive a response from Tamworth Supporters Club, so I hope Pricey2 won’t mind me borrowing his opinion)

As well as impressing in his loan spell, Dom has been away with the Wales Under 19 squad several times, including to tournaments where he captained on at least one occasion.

So there it is, three loanees, three impressive pieces of feedback.I guess sometimes everything comes up smelling of Blue & Amber… let’s hope Sky Sports on Thursday night doesn’t bring with it anything less fragrant!

Keith the Shrew

Walsall Preview

Salop return to the Bescot for the 4th time in 3 seasons so our informative piece telling you of all the things to do at Walsall should be pointless but we’re still going to do it for those who might be breaking their Walsall virginity.

When the draw was made for the first round of the FA Cup many Salop fans instantly screamed 2 words, the second being “off, but then it started to sink in that this has to be one of our best chances to beat the travellers from down the road.

Form is irrelevant when it comes to cup games especially when the game is between 2 teams in 2 different leagues. But when you look at the start Walsall have made it does make for decent reading from a Salopian point of view. They are sitting 16th in League One and have only won 4 all season, 2 of which are in the last 2 games.

Key Player

Believe it or not we are about to tell you that TOM BRADSHAW is the player to watch for Walsall – yes the Tom Bradshaw who couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo at times for Salop. Tom has made a very impressive start to his career at Bescot scoring 7 goals so far.


Ticket for the trip to Walsall are selling really well with the club stating over 800 had been sold by the start of play on Thursday morning. If you haven’t got yours we really do suggest to get it sorted as the club are still not sure if tickets will be available to buy on the day. (See tweet below)

For those who still haven’t got their tickets then what is stopping you? Prices are below!

Adults £15
Concessions (U18’s/over 60’s) £10
Family Ticket (adult and child) £20

Bescot Stadium (Banks Stadium)

Otherwise known as the biscuit tin is a pretty shoddy excuse of a modern football stadia. You have pillars blocking your view wherever you sit, you have no leg room if you want to take a seat and the atmosphere created from the home supporters is non existent. The only good thing about the away end is the low roof allowing away fans to make a good amount of noise no matter how many go.

Salop fans will be situated in the KIA stand which can host up to 2000 away fans so we expect a announcement stating that there will be limited amounts of tickets available on the day but don’t take our word for it.

There is a train station just a stones throw away from the away end so it does make getting to Walsall on the train so much easier. We suggest Salop fans get the 10:33 train to Birmingham New Street and have a few drinks in Birmingham before catching the 1:27 to Bescot which takes about 20 minutes going past Villa Park.

We have been warned that there will be large amounts of Cardiff City supporters on the trains from Shrewsbury heading towards Birmingham due to their team playing away at Birmingham City so some trains may be busier than expected.

We cannot give a good indication of the first train to go back towards New Street but Walsall do usually announce the times during the game so keep your ears open if you do come of the train.



Simple as that anything can happen in the cup so we will let Micky Mellons men write another bit of history this season by become the first team to win at Walsall since 1993! All we can say is get behind the lads and lets make this one of the best away days of the season #Salop

Derby Day Info

This Saturday Salop take on Walsall at the Bescot Stadium for the 4th time in 3 seasons but this one has a different feel surrounding the game. You look on Twitter, Facebook, Blue & Amber and even ticket sales (300) on Monday alone and you get the feeling Salop fans have a little bit more confidence about Salop coming home with a famous win for the first time in 22 years.

Obviously everyone knows where Walsall is and how to get there in the car and we obviously know Smithy and OSC will be running coaches leaving as close to midday as they can but derby days are all about catching the train and havArriva_Trains_Wales_Class_150(229)_and_153(303)ing a few beers, sing song on the way and going in good numbers.

We have suggested everyone from Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas who do fancy the train to meet up in The Shrewsbury Hotel at about 9am then catching the 10:33 train to Birmingham New Street.

It would be great to see as many of you as possible on that train and for more info on what to do in Walsall and Birmingham, we will have a full Away Day Info up on Thursday.

Also any updates on our plan will be put on our Twitter page @salopsbluearmy so keep your eye on there throughout the week


Now the Dust has Settled

So, were you there last night? I don’t mean ‘there’ as in sat in your seat taking photos of Chelsea players, I mean ‘there’ as in you woke up this morning hoarse from the singing and with sore hands from the clapping and general festivities that marked one of the best atmospheres and wildest celebrations that the Greenhous Meadow has seen (right up there with beating Southend with 10 men in Collo’s first stint with the Shrews).

So now that the voices are returning and the hangover’s are fading, what can we take from last night?

1. The Meadow sounds great full. Fair play to the singing blocks, you dragged the rest of the ground into creating a wall of noise that must have sounded amazing from the pitch. That’s what being the 12th man is all about.

2. Ryan Woods (Ryan Woods, Ryan Ryan Woods) will go on to bigger and better things sooner rather than later. Whether it was out-muscling Drogba, driving forward with Oscar eating his dust, or chasing back 60 yards to stop Saleh getting a shot in on goal, Woodsy put in one of the best MOTM performances most people at the ground will have ever seen.

3. Wez is a real team player. Think about it, you’re warming up to play in the biggest game of your life when you get a twinge. How many of you would actually ignore it in the hope it goes away? I know I would… To be honest enough to say he couldn’t do a job for us and allow us to bring Lawrence in before kick-off is the sign of a true pro.

4. We have one hell of a team this season. When was the last time you looked at our squad and saw so little weakness? Not one player looked out of place out there last night (apart from maybe Jon Obi-Mikkel, but that’s not our problem), and some of them have upped their value immensely. Now we need to show the rest of League Two how good we are for the rest of the season. A team this good doesn’t belong down here.

5. Chelsea really do only sing when they’re winning, I assume none of them had been to a game before, so didn’t know any of the songs?

So that’s our cup run over, with memories left that will be talked about in pubs all over Salop for many years to come. Now we as a club need to make sure this isn’t the end of exciting football and great results, and I know Dagenham , Exeter, and Mansfield don’t create the same desire to take the day off work and pub crawl your way to the match (you know who you are) but let’s keep supporting, keep singing, and keep believing that the Shrews are going up! You never know, we may have attracted a few new fans along for the ride…

Keith the Shrew

PS    Walsall away? Really??? For f*cks sake…