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Fans Views Post Yeovil

This is where you can have your say. If you tweet us with your views after each match you will stand a good chance of featuring on our blog at some point this season. We pick our top 10 tweets and will put them on a page like this after every game.

And finally we believe the next 2 tweets from Joe Jacobson says it all about how the players believe it went tonight

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Preston Build Up


So for the first bit of our build up to Salop‘s first home game in league one and we have managed to get a Preston fan give us a little preview.

Hello Thank you for taking part.

First of all tell us a bit about yourself:



First Game you watched: PNE vs Birmingham 2001 Division 1 Play-offs

Best ever game you watched: Leeds 4-6 Preston

Favourite Player: Scott Laird

What do you expect from PNE this season?
Play-offs at least. We have a totally different squad to last season but we still have the quality to be at the top end of the league.

What do you think of all the signings you have made this season?
We have a full new squad and haven’t spent any money, so i would say that i’m happy with the signings that we’ve made. We have signed a lot of leaders and players that have been captains at their previous clubs. Also i thnk the squad is better now than what it was last season.

Star Player?
We’ve only played one league game with the new squad so it’s hard to say but i’d go with John Mousinho or Scott Laird.

From what you have seen so far, what do you think of Nicky Wroe and SCS?
Both look like good players, two of the better signings that we have made. Wroe looks like he has great technical ability and SCS looks solid at the back. Can’t really judge them yet as they’ve only played two competitive games for us.

How would you describe the last few years following PNE?
The last few years have been terrible, just hope that Graham Westley can turn it around.


Preston fans have has a turbulent few seasons.

Your thoughts on Graham Westley?
Well everyone can see he’s a bit of a nutter but i think he can do good things for PNE. He has received a lot of abuse from PNE fans but i think he’ll turn it around this season.

What type of football are we expected to see PNE play on Tuesday?
Everyone associates Westley with ‘Hoof ball’ but it’s far from that, we pass it around when we need to and get it forward when we need to. Our style of play is quite defensive but it is also effective and i think it will work better for us when we play away from home because teams will attack us more.


“That Graham Westley, he texts who he wants”

Is there any position you feel you need to add to?
We are in desperate need of a striker, somebody who can score goals.

What are we to expect from Preston fans (famous chant, banter, loud?)
PNE fans are very average, better than most in league one though! A bit of banter with the ‘Oh Graham Westley, he texts when he wants’ chant. I would say about 750 PNE fans will make the journey.

Season Prediction

Shrewsbury: 14th
PNE: 5th

Match Prediction

Shrewsbury 0-1 PNE (Wroe)

Thanks for taking part. we hope you enjoy the game and your visit to Shrewsbury

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