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New Players Interviews

So all the new players have had their interviews.

The most striking interview has to be our new defender Darren Jones with his thoughts on filling Sharps and SCS shoes

I’m sure I can do as good if not better than them

This will be very interesting to see if Jones and Reuben Hazell can be as good if not better than centre backs last year.

Rob Purdie has focused on how he wants to settle in one position and is more than happy to let GT pick that position.

So where do you think is his position?

Asa Hall focused on saying how much of a improved player he is. He says he makes better decisions, more attacking so maybe he is as good as he was first time round.

But one thing that was most obvious is the praise for Turner and how everyone says how well respected he is.

This has to be a good sign with the transfer window newly opened.

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