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Penalty Heartache

So when was the last time we won a penalty shoot out?

No not England. Don’t think anyone cares as every major tournament we seem to fail to win a penalty shootout.

But our question is when was the last time we (SALOP) won a penalty shootout?

Yep that’s right Bury in the play off semi final back in 2009.

But we believe the most memorable penalty shootout was way back in 2004.

The script was set. 14,000 SALOP fans singing their heart out at the Britannia stadium (Stoke) in the glorious sunshine. The game was a very close encounter with Aldershot being the slightly better team.

120 minutes without any team managing to win the game. So it was penalties.


We all remember the first penalty. Luke Rodgers! His penalty ended up in row ZZ.

Then Scott stepped up and became a legend in all Shrewsbury fans eyes.

Trevor Challis scored the vital penalty to send us back to the football league. And then the inquest began into Howie saving the penalties.

The papers who covered the game said Howie cheated by stepping off his line. But nobody can argue the saves words spectacular if he was on or off his line.

Ever since, we have only won once since then and that was in 2009. And to top that off WE HAVE NEVER WON A PENALTY SHOOTOUT AT THE GREENHOUS MEADOW

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