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Welcome Ryan Doble

So we have signed a new striker. He’s only scored 1 senior goal but he shows great potential.

He comes from Southampton youth system and plays for Wales Under 21. We think this will be a gem of a signing. He doesn’t just play as striker he’s a bit like Jake Robinson he can create chances or others with his pace and creativity.

If you still think this is a wierd signing then shame on you.

Give him a few games and he will be the new hero at fortress meadow.

So there’s only one thing to say.

Welcome Ryan Doble



James Collins Departs

So the long awaited decision on James Collins decision has been made.

James Collins, towns top scorer last season has decided to depart from town and join Swindon Town.

A lot of people have decided to abuse Collins about his decision to leave. But we want to put a thought in your heads.

Would you stay in your job if you got offered a job with better money and a better opportunity of promotion?

So instead of giving him a hard time, thank him for what he done for us in the 18 months he was with us.

Remember that goal against Arsenal? Remember your reaction?

Remember his goal against Dagenham?

Remember his goal against Morecambe?

These are just a few memories to make people get off his back. Instead send him this picture and thank him for all his hard work and always giving 100%

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